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Dave is available for private coaching, guided surf trips and private Kamps
Customize your own Kamp anywhere in the world (max 8 people).
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Stand Up Paddling has many disciplines, and one of the best is downwind paddling. The Columbia River Gorge is one of the world's top locations to downwind, and now you have the opportunity to experience it with the world's best downwinder, Dave Kalama. Our home base for the Kamps will be in Hood River, a picturesque mountain town located directly on the Columbia River Gorge. This year Kalama Kamps is offering two, 1 day Kamps that will take place the week before the 'Columbia River Gorge Challenge' races, which are scheduled for the weekend of the 23rd & 24th August. If you are taking part in the events, you will be able to hone your skills at Kamp in preparation for the competition.

Come experience some of the best downwinding conditions with the downwinding legend Dave Kalama...
"I have caught some of my longest glides at the Gorge.  This is one of the top spots in the world for downwinding"
-Dave Kalama

What's Included

• World class instruction from Dave Kalama, John Denney and Brody Welte
• Transportation for downwinders
• Meals for the day : A light breakfast, lunch, end of day snack and refreshments.

Our two, 1 day Kalama Kamps will be based out of the picturesque town of Hood River.

If you require equipment, our friends at Big Winds will get you on the water; offering a discounted price on rental equipment to all Kampers.
If you require accommodations, we can recommend The Hood River Inn A unique hotel on the Columbia River shoreline. It's location is convenient to nearby attractions and recreational opportunities in the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood area.

$575 per person for August 20, 2014 full day Kalama Kamp.

$575 per person for August 21, 2014 full day Kalama Kamp


Kalama Kamp is excited to return to visit our friends at Big Blue Unlimited, in Turks and Caicos ( On our trip we typically enjoy surfing, downwinding, and exploring the islands. Turks and Caicos are a group of islands, with the Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, thus offering a variety of paddling experiences in a fun and beautiful setting. The crystal clear blue waters are some of the best in the world to paddle.

What's Included

• Daily transportation to/ from accommodations to/ from Big Blue
• A selection of stand up paddleboards, paddles, hydration packs and leashes
• Boat support where needed (ie on the waves/ reef, for down winders and "backcountry" safaris
• Modest all-inclusive hotel accommodations at Club Med
• All meals provided

Kalama Kamp accommodations will be at Club Med Turkoise. An All-Inclusive resort with panoramic views, talcum-soft sand and clear turquoise waters on one of the most gorgeous beaches on the globe.  We have partnered Big Blue Unlimited for the Kamp which has continued to set the standards in adventure in the Turks & Caicos Islands.
"Philip and the gang at Big Blue provide a tremendous experience of the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos.  We are always excited to come back to the islands where there is so much to offer."
-Dave Kalama

• Single room occupancy : $4175
• Double room occupancy : $3975
• Hawaii State GE tax @ 4.166% will be added to the total
• Deposit : $500


It is difficult to put into words, the experience of taking a 30 minute boat ride to a small island surrounded by world class surf breaks and pristine blue waters. Our home for the week, the tiny island in Fiji called 'Namotu', will be exclusive to our Kalama Kamp, and is where you will experience world class surf, fishing, snorkeling, and hospitality from of the friendliest cultures in the world. Our Namotu trip has quickly become our most popular, and we can understand why. Our main focus will be SUP surfing, but we always have time for downwinding and exploring the Fijian coast.

What's Included

• Accommodations
• Meals
• Airfare from either LAX or Honolulu
• All ground and water transportation on Fiji
• Fishing, snorkeling, Eco hikes and trips to other islands
• SUP Instruction including surfing from Dave and the team
• Non motorized activities such as kayaking, outrigger, Hobie Cat, soft top long boards, snorkeling

What's Not Included

• Board equipment is not included in the price, but can be supplied for $200 per board for the week
• Alcohol is not included in the price, but is available separately for purchase, direct from the resort
• wifi service is not included in the price, but is available for $100 per week, direct from the resort

Beach Bure


A two person room with two separate beds and shower. This room must be booked as a pair (i.e. wife/husband, two friends etc.)

Cost: $5100USD per person
Deposit: $1000 ($500 for each person)  Must be booked as a pair.
* plus GE tax

VIP Bure

A six person room with individual beds and shower.

Cost: $4800 USD per person
Deposit: $500
* plus GE tax


Letters from Kamp


Kalama Kamp was definitely one of the best trips that I have ever taken. After spending two summers trying to improve my technique, I can say with absolute certainty that there is no substitute for having Dave walk you through every aspect of a stroke step by step, actually feeling, and understanding, the proper technique of a stroke.



Turks and Caicos 2013

Kamp Photos